Monsters on Board – Monster Pack (Kickstarter Preorder)


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Note 1: This is the “Monsters on Board – Monster Pack” Pledge on the Kickstarter page. Link to campaign page:

It’s close to midnight…one week before the Blue Moon Monster Mixer at Spook Manor. To throw a proper monster mash, you only need one thing—Spook Juice—and you’re gonna need an awful lot of it for these party animals.

Spook Juice is a powerful spirit distilled from human fear, and the main ingredient in every popular monster drink. The bad news is that you’re completely out of it. The good news is that the nearby town, Startleton, is a great place to scare some up.

You need to send your Monster disciples to scare up some of that sweet Spook Juice. So dust off your Fearmobiles and get your scariest Monsters on Board!

Monsters on Board is a dice-drafting game that takes place over six rounds. Each round, players will draft Monster Lords (dice) arriving from out of town in Fearmobiles, trying to fulfill their Prophecy cards.

In Monster Mixer Expansion, there are 3 new modules to mix up your gameplay, from hosting a dinner party and catering to demands of your guests to entering a body-building contest as you assemble your very own abomination.

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Inside the Box:

  • Monsters on Board – Deluxe Version (Deluxe version contains everything from the Standard Pledge + miniatures instead of standees)
  • Monster Mixer Expansion
  • All unlocked applicable stretch goals