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Moon Base


Moon Base is a two-player abstract game set on the moon, proceeding over six rounds. The player replenishes the ‘Ring Module’ at each round, and builds the moon base while placing and stacking on the crater.

The player uses their three-color ring well to advance their color. At the end of each round, it will be a point to construct a ‘residential zone’ and ‘resource facility’, but while aiming to move the ‘mobile research building’ effectively, players will also aim for bonus points that can be earned at the end of the sixth round . Finally, the player with many total points wins.

Game Genre: Abstract Strategy

Players: 2
Age: 14+
Game Length: 30-60 minutes


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Inside the Box:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Ring Module
  • Settlement 6 x 2
  • Resouce Base 6 x 2
  • Mobile Research Tower x 1
  • Earth Marker x 1
  • Game Board x 1
  • Construction Support x 10
  • Score Marker x 2
  • Summary & Score Sheets x 2