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Munchkin Pathfinder: Guest Artist Edition (Shane White)


Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions! We gave our popular Munchkin Pathfinder a fresh coat of paint! Classic Pathfinder classes like Alchemist and Witch, and weapons like the T-Bone Stake are reimagined in an all new art style.

You’ll need the best weapons to defeat the hordes of goblins and especially Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters. The monsters are strong, but your party is stronger, in Munchkin Pathfinder: Guest Artist Edition!

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.0/10


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Inside the box:

  • 168 Cards
  • 1 Custom Die
  • 12 Standies
  • Rulesheet
  • Gameboard