Munchkin Adventure Time


In Munchkin Adventure Time, players can help Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, and friends navigate the perils – and the rewards! – of the Land of Ooo. Will “Oh my glob – look out!” be the last thing Adventure Time fans hear from Princess Bubblegum? Or will Finn and Jake save the day with a sturdy sword and a hearty “Slamacow!”?

1st player to level 10 wins. But beware of the Ice King? Will you go for the win solo? Or will you leech on other players and betray their friendship in the end?


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Inside the Box:

  • 8 Character Cards with special game play featuring: Finn/Fionna, Jake/Cake, Princess Bubblegum/Prince Gumball, Marceline/Marshall Lee,  Lady Rainicorn/Lord Monochromicorn, Lumpy Space Princess/Lumpy Space Prince, Flame Princess/Flame Prince, and BMO.
  • 168 custom themed Adventure Time cards
  • Door cards featuring your favorite Adventure Time monsters, curses and more
  • Treasures cards featuring your favorite Adventure Time treasures such as Finn’s golden sword
  • Custom Die featuring a shapeshifting Jake