Oceans: Bundle #1

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Add these additional cards to your Deep deck with Oceans: Bundle #1!

  • Biome Toxicity: After this species or an adjacent species is attacked, every species except this species and its adjacent species loses 1 population to the Reef.
  • Epizootic Parasite: Before your feeding phase, leeches 1 from each species with the no foraging symbol.
  • Fast Life Cycle: After aging, scores all population.
  • Nomadic: Adjacency arrows on this species are extended by 1 species. You choose the target for leeching effects.
  • Osteodermal Kaiju: Aging +4, Never overpopulates
  • Sea Wyrm: Scores population from attacks that do not fit on the species board before overpopulating.


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Inside the Box:

  • 6 Deep Cards

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