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One Deck Galaxy – Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter Preorder)


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Your civilization has reached the stars, and your population is hungry for discovery. Explore, colonize, research — but be sure to build up your strength to be ready for the dangers that await!

One Deck Galaxy is a co-op space civilization-building game using only cards, dice, and tokens. Each card in the deck represents both a location in space your civilization has scouted, but also the benefits it could reap by colonizing or studying it. These benefits increase your ability to roll dice and manipulate them, and help your civilization grow stronger. When the deck runs out, the era advances and your foes become more dangerous. If you’re not ready, they may overwhelm you and send your empire into decline before it can become truly great!

Location cards have boxes that you can fill with dice of appropriate color and value, organized into two rows. Filling the rows will grant you Influence at the location at the end of the turn.

When you roll all your dice, high value dice will be useful for filling boxes on Location cards, but what can you do with low rolls? Build ships, of course. And do SCIENCE!

The Starbase allows you to use dice that won’t quite fit elsewhere.  With multiple dice of the same value, you can build fleets. You can also toss dice with any value into the Starbase’s Research Lab. If there’s a Location in play that you can’t make progress on, you can Study it instead to make space for a new card.

You’re exploring the galaxy, building ships, doing science, settling new colonies, and discovering new technologies. Meanwhile, your Adversary is looming, growing in strength. Each has its own unique rules for how they’ll oppose your efforts, and a set of Adversary Events – one of which will pop up each time you reshuffle the Galaxy Deck.

Each Adversary uses influence in different ways. The Neeble-Woober Colony Fleet, for example, gains a colony of its own every three turns, and then gets to roll dice! You don’t want that, it’s bad when other people get to roll your dice.  If they gain colonies faster than you can raise your Federation Level, you’ll be overwhelmed, and the game will end. The specific rules for each Adversary are different, but your Federation Level is always important to victory!

Your goal, then, is to win before they can overwhelm you. No adversary is a match for a united Federation, so you’ll just have to build one! Your Federation Level increases by one each time you complete one of the Milestones from your Homeworld and Society cards. Raising it will upgrade your special tech, increase your capacity for colonies, and allow you to confront the Adversary. If you successfully confront the Adversary four times, you win!

Game Genre: Cooperative Game

Ages: 1+
Players: 1-2
Game Length: 30-60

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Inside the Box:

  • One copy of the Deluxe edition of One Deck Galaxy, including all unlocked stretch goals, foil-stamped tokens, and durable plastic cards.