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Pagan – Fate of Roanoke Bundle (Kickstarter Preorder)


Estimated Release Date: Dec 2022

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Pagan: Fate of Roanoke from Kasper Kjær Christiansen and Kåre Werner Storgaard is a deduction expandable card game set in colonial America of 1587. The essence of the asymmetrical game is the witch’s struggle against the witch hunter.

As the witch strives to complete a ritual, the hunter tries to track her down and find out her true identity. Both players access variable card decks with 50 cards each and use different resources to defeat the other side.

Many tactics and strategies are possible and necessary to survive in this fight between the two powers. Embedded in the dark graphics of illustrator Maren Gutt the fictional story of the lost colony of Roanoke comes to life.


Game Genre: Strategy


Players: 2
Age: 12+
Game Length: 45-75


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Inside the Box:

  • Pagan: Fate of Roanoke (Base game)
  • Pagan: Beyond the Palisades (Expansion)
  • Pagan: Trials of Old (Content pack)
  • Pagan: Close Encounters (Content pack)
  • Pagan: Mindgames (Content pack)
  • Playmat (80 cm x 70 cm), 2nd edition
  • 40 Influence Wooden Tokens
  • All unlocked stretch goals