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Pandemic: Contagion


After many years of trying to defeat the diseases that threaten mankind’s existence, the tables have been turned. You are now the disease and guess what? There is no cure.

In Pandemic: Contagion, you are competing against other diseases (fellow players) to see who can eliminate humanity. With no cure to be had, the one of you that wipes out all human civilization will come out on top as the most deadly disease ever known to man, may he rest in peace.

Pandemic: Contagion includes a deck of contagion cards with differing colored borders, city cards with similar colored borders, event/WHO cards, player disease card and disease cubes.

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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 60 Contagion cards
  • 24 City cards
  • 12 Event cards
  • 6 WHO cards
  • 5 Player disease boards
  • 5 Score markers
  • 5 Petri dishes
  • 75 Player disease cubes
  • 1 Scoring board
  • Rules