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The final expansion to Petrichor, Petrichor: Cows gives the highly interactive cloud-faring strategy game new concerns with a decidedly bovine spin: a new action, a whole new Climate mechanic and a fresh set of crop tiles.

With cows in the picture, so are their various byproducts; Manure, improving the quality of crops, and Methane Gas, affecting the world climate. The Graze action allows players to influence the cows, and nudge the world’s climate in favour of the crops they intend to grow. With climate, comes an all-new set of climate sensitive trees; the Norway Spruce, the Baobab, the Date Palm and the Sweet Chestnut.

Petrichor: Cows can be combined with any of the previous expansions Petrichor: Flowers and Petrichor: Honeybee to create some truly memorable cloud-slinging, water-sprinkling action. The expansion content is also supported when using the Southern Winds solo mode.

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Inside the Box:

  • Petrichor: Base Game
  • Petrichor: Collectors Edition Upgrade Kit
  • Petrichor: Cows Expansion
  • Petrichor: Flowers Expansion
  • Petrichor: Honeybee Expansion
  • Collector’s Promo Pack
  • Anthill Promo Tile
  • Cactus Promo Tile
  • Lake Promo Tile

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