Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars [Big Box] (Kickstarter Edition)


Note: This is the Kickstarter version with all stretch goals. Campaign Link:

Note 2: For fans who want everything in one box, we offer the [Big Box] version of Fiends & Familiars which can hold the Base Game, Monsters & Minions, and Fiends & Familiars.

The [Big Box] will not be available at retail, but will be available through the TWG webstore after release and at gaming conventions, while supplies last.

In Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, players can add more depth to their hero by adding a familiar to their character. These creatures add more options during character creation and help each player explore the mechanics of the game in new and different ways.

Fiends distract the players and provide new obstacles along the path of creation.

A brand new set of Monsters give the players variety to the end of the game, while new Minions are added to the Minion deck that provide new and different goals for the players to reach.

New classes and Market cards provide even more variety to each game of Roll Player.

Again, players earn Reputation Stars by constructing the perfect character, but can explore new strategies and options as they ready their familiar while they sidestep the pesky fiends along the way.

Board Game Geek Rating: 8.2/10


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Inside the Box:

  • Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars Expansion [Big Box]
  • All Stretch Goals