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Rurik: All-In Bundle (Kickstarter)


Note 1: This is the “Grand Prince” Pledge on the Kickstarter page. Link to campaign page:

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev is a euro-style realm building game featuring area control, resource management, and a new mechanic – “auction programming.”

In Rurik, players openly bid for actions with their advisors.

Stronger advisors earn greater benefits at the cost of performing their action later than other players.

Conversely, weaker advisors earn lesser benefits but perform their action quickly. This planning mechanism (“auction programming”) adds a fun tension to the game.

Rurik: Stone & Blade is a modular expansion for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev and is divided into core content and three modules.

It is recommended to integrate the core content into all future plays of Rurik, regardless of whether you use any modules. You may play with an individual module or any combination of modules.

Core Content: More gameplay variety with minimal rules overhead.

Module A – Structures: Build structures to your heart’s content.

Module B – Warfare: Attack your opponents with vengeance.

Module C – Rebel Factions: Suppress the growing rebel opposition to your rule.

Requires Rurik: Dawn of Kiev to play.


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Inside the Box:

  • Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – Kickstarter Edition (Kickstarter edition has some nice plastic player trays to hold pieces for each player and an 11 card mini expansion)
  • Rurik: Stone & Blade Expansion
  • Neoprene Playmat (44% larger than game board)
  • 36 Metal Coins
  • 12 Plastic Honey Cubes
  • All Stretch Goals