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Scythe Modular Boards


Scythe Modular Boards add a new level of variability to Scythe, with the map (double-sided board and 4 big double-sided tiles) and the faction locations (home base tiles) changing every time you play.

The modular board adds a drafting element to setup, along with a variant for a tighter map at low player counts.

This is a completely new board designed specifically for the tiles (which are designed specifically for the new board).

Both the board and the tiles are double-sided to maximize variability. When you play Scythe with the modular board, you will not play with any other version of the Scythe board.




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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 1 Double-sided Board (624x818mm, same size as the standard Scythe board)
  • 4 Double-sided Tiles (7 Hexes per Tile)
  • 8 Home Base Tiles
  • 8 Structure Bonus Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook (11 Languages)
  • Automa Rules for Solo Play