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Senjutsu: Battle for Japan – All-In Deluxe Pledge, Inkdrop Edition (Kickstarter Preorder)


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Note: This is the All In Deluxe Pledge. Campaign Link:

Senjutsu is a 1-4 Player Samurai Duelling Game with slick Deck Construction mechanics, simultaneous reveal combat and beautiful miniatures from a panel of sculptors.

Control 1 of 4 fearsome Samurai, warriors bound to the Bushido Code, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

Using Senjutsu’s Deck Construction Mechanics, forge a unique deck of devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely mediations, and dynamic special moves. The intuitive card-classifying system makes forging your Samurai’s Ability Deck easy.

Pre-set or custom decks? The choice is yours. 

Using Senjutsu’s streamlined Deck Construction Mechanics, you can easily forge a unique Ability Card deck of devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely meditations, and dynamic special moves.

If you want to skip Deck Construction, there will be a series of pre-constructed Ability Card decks for your chosen Samurai which let you jump into Senjutsu’s tense, nail-biting competitive combat system straight away!

Ability Cards are varied and can be graded by Jade, Gold, Steel and Wood.

Core Ability Cards are available to each Samurai but the powerful, unique Signature Ability Cards are Samurai-specific and allow each fighter’s deck to be built/chosen to be a completely different experience- even from duel to duel!

The Kamae tree and Kame Ring system provide your Samurai with a tactical way to gain bonuses from the Ability Cards. Being in a specific Kamae when the cards are revealed will enhance Ability Card effects or enhance the way you play the card.

The Kamae system folds neatly into the tactics of your Ability Deck, allowing for powerful combinations and fun, thematic decks to be played.

Game-play is straight-forward and fast. Simply choose an Ability Card from your hand and play it face down. Simultaneously reveal this Ability Card alongside the opponent’s, with the highest Initiative Value acting first.

Senjutsu doesn’t just reward the fastest card either! Going last opens up tactically opportunities for cunning movements and devastating attacks!

Attack cards, if executed successfully, will deal a number of Wound Cards to your opponent.  Reaching the Samurai’s Wound Limit will result in their defeat.

Senjutsu’s Blocking system is completely unique! Each Block card has a range of Initiative Values from which to choose from, match with the opponent’s attack and you will successful block it.  If your Block is too fast or too slow, the opponent will manage to strike you! Time your Block exceedingly well and you may be able to Parry their attack with fierce consequences!

Game Genre: Fighting

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 15-20 minutes

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  • Senjutsu Deluxe Edition
  • The Ghost In The Night Add-On
  • The Shadow Under The Steel Add-On
  • The Gathering Storm Add-On
  • When Two Worlds Collide Add-On
  • The Wolf At The Door Add-On
  • Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirō Add-On
  • The Winds Of Change: Solo Narrative Campaign #2
  • Ink Drop Miniatures
  •  Early Pledge Sleeve Pack
  • Quad-fold XL ‘Daimyo’s Castle’ Board
  • 1x Limited Edition Senjutsu Big Box

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