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Skulk Hollow


In Skulk Hollow, two players take the roles of either a towering behemoth of a Guardian trying to eliminate the clans of foxes who have been causing havoc on the countryside, or a band of foxen heroes out to vanquish the evil beast that has been terrorizing the land and reunite the four kingdoms of Børe.

The Guardian wins the game by either eliminating the Foxen King, or by gaining enough Tribute.

The Foxen Heroes wins the game by eliminating the Guardian.

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.7/10


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Inside the Box:

  • World Components:
    (1) Skulk Hollow Map
    (25) Power Cubes
    (25) Wound Tokens
    (6) Ancient Relic Tokens


  • Foxen Components:
    (1) Foxen Heroes Player Mant
    (29) Foxen Cards
    (4) Foxen References
    (10) Foxen Hero Figures
    (4) Guardians References


  • Guardian Components:
    (4) Guardian Boards
    (4) Guardian Player Mats
    (56) Guardian Cards
    (4) Guardian Figures
    (1) Tribute Token
    (4) Rune Tokens
    (6) Root Tokens
    (1) Cloud Token
    (2) Status Cards