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Solar 175 – Deluxe Edition (Kickstarter Preorder)


Estimated Release Date: Apr 2023

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Note: This is the “Solar 175 Deluxe Edition” pledge with all Stretch Goals. Read here for more Updates:

Solar 175 is an epic, euro-style legacy experience for 1-5 players set in a dystopian, sci-fi future. The game utilizes bag-building, area control and worker placement.

It is inspired as a fusion between classic euro games such as Orleans and El Grande and a unique thematic and evolving universe. Solar 175 is set in a prosperous expanding solar system with immersive worldbuilding and engaging narratives. The game is rich on theme and will feature interesting ethical and philosophical choices as well as engaging euro style gameplay.

Explore the vast expanding universe using your highly trained pilots and advanced spacecraft technology. The Solar System of Solar 175 contains over 50 unique locations which will develop individually depending upon the choices of players.

Control the six different zones of the Solar System using your ships, bases and outposts. This area control mechanism can be worth major points at the end of the game.

Build advanced Hensler bioDomes around the Solar System to increase your wealth, influence and earn bonuses. Actions in Solar 175 are taken by taking workers from your available pool and placing them onto specific tasks. The double thickness player board makes this system flow smoothly from round to round, with your workers slotting satisfyingly into their spaces.

Extract valuable resources from asteroids and moons. These can be used for big credit bonuses and to help build your bases. Depending on the political situation at the end of your game, having access to liquid cash and valuable resources could be a large benefit to your chances of victory.

Help build giant megastructure projects to earn major point bonuses if the United Federalists take charge in the election. There are over 30 different megastructures available to be built in games of Solar 175 and the choices you make will have a deep impact on the narrative you experience.

Employ your lobbyists to manipulate the inter-global governance of the UFSS. The election will play a key role in which player attains victory. There are three main political parties competing for dominance and the outcome of each election will dramatically change how each game is scored. This mechanism involves completing actual votes and placing them into a ballot box.

Game Genre: Exploration

Players: 1-5
Age: 14+
Game Length: 40-120

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Inside the Box:

  • Solar 175 Deluxe Edition
  • All Solar 175 Stretch Goals
  • 5th Player Expansion
  • Metal Megastructure Token
  • Metal First Player Token
  • Metal Election Token
  • UFSS Enamel Victory Pin