Star Realms Deluxe Nova Collection (Kickstarter Preorder)


Estimate Arrival Date: Nov 2020

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Note: This is the Deluxe Nova Collection Pledge and all applicable stretch goals. More info:

Star Realms Deluxe Nova Collection features beautiful foil versions of every card from Promo Pack 1, the Gambit Set, Crisis: Bases and Battleships, Crisis: Events, Crisis: Heroes, Crisis: Fleets and Fortresses, the Cosmic Gambit Set and the Star Realms Base set with 6 starting decks and extra Explorers.

The set also includes 6 big scoredials, a gorgeous game board, and a box that holds this collection with or without sleeves.


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Inside the Box:

  • Over 250 Foil Cards
  • 6 Large Score Dials
  • Beautiful 14” x 24” Game Board
  • Full Color Rulebook
  • Deluxe 15″ x 13″ x 4″ Game Box
  • 9 Card Dividers
  • Nemesis Beast & Pirates of the Dark Star Challenge Board