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Premium Tarot Card Sleeves (70x120mm) -55 Pack, 100 Microns


Tarot Card Sleeves are perfect for lots of games with tarot cards (70x120mm)!  

There are a surprising number of “LARGE” cards in games these days and these will fit many games including:  Apotheca, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage, Blue Moon, Century Spice Road, Citadels (2016 Ed), Compounded, Down of the Zeds (3rd Ed), Dreamwell Deluxe, Elder Sign, Grifters (Large Cards), Infiltration, Kashgar (English Ed), Last Banquest, Mansions of Madness (2nd Ed Large Cards), Mystic Vale, Pocket Madness, Sail to India (AEG Edition), T.I.M.E. Stores, War of the Ring (2nd Ed), Winter Tales and XCom: The Board Game.

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