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The Battle of Five Armies


The Battle of Five Armies is back! The epic game that recreates the fierce struggle witnessed by Bilbo Baggins at the end of his quest to the Lonely Mountain is coming back in a revised edition. This first printing also includes a bonus scenario for the War of the Ring boardgame, The Fate of Erebor.

The Battle of Five Armies is a two-players game that allows you to re-create the epic conclusion of The Hobbit, the world-renowned masterpiece by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Shadow player commands the armies of Bolg, the King of the Goblins of Mount Gundabad, while the Free Peoples player is in control of Men, Dwarves, and Elves, led by Gandalf to fend off the goblin army.

Based on the acclaimed mechanics first used in the War of the Ring boardgame, The Battle of Five Armies merges action dice and event cards, to make each game a unique experience.

The system has been further enhanced by the addition of the “Fate Track” mechanic, handling the arrival of the allies and the triggering of special events. The Battle of Five Armies includes 126 plastic figures, with all the main characters of the battle, and many more top-quality components.

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Inside the Box:

  • 50 x 70 cm Game Board
  • 126 Plastic Figures (19 Different Sculptures)
  • 13 Action Dice
  • 10 Combat Dice
  • 92 Cards (Fate, Story and Event)
  • 11 Character and Special Units Reference Cards
  • 160 Counters and Tokens
  • 2 Player Aid
  • 1 Game Rules
  • Fate of Erebor: Booklet, 4 Board Overlay Tiles, 8 Alternate Cards

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