The Island of El Dorado: Legend Edition (Kickstarter Edition) (Preorder)

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*Note: This is the Kickstarter edition with stretch goals. Save about $20+ via pre-ordering with us. This contains the base set + all the expansions.

Estimate Arrival Date: Mar 2020

The Island of El Dorado: Legend Edition contains a Kickstarter exclusive big box that includes all content ever released for The Island of El Dorado.

In The Revenge of El Dorado, explorers and thieves widen and deepen their strategy as they face off against the mythical Guardian of El Dorado and the fury of the island she defends.

Expanded explorer boards allow players to upgrade their buildings and units, unlocking new abilities, new military and economic tactics, and new paths to victory.

Fully cooperative gameplay allows explorers to band together against the island, employing complex strategy to control the shrines while defending against the islands varied and savage attacks.

Or, take control of the Guardian herself (as a completely asymmetric faction), championing her army of beasts, giants, and the power of the island against the Thieves and explorers as she races to secure her shrines.

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Inside the Box:

  • The Revenge of El Dorado (Expansion)
  • Legend Box (KS Exclusive Big Box)
  • Game Organizer Trays
  • All Applicable Kickstarter Exclusives
  • All Applicable Stretch goals