The Networks: Executives Expansion

$49.90 $44.90

So you’ve run a TV staion in The Networks. Big deal. Now try it with an Executive!

In the first major expansion, you’ll choose an Executive who will give you a special power – along with a special liability – during the game. Compete with the other networks for Shows, Stars, Ads, and bonus money in the new Pilot Season at the start of the game. Get the right Genre Bonuses to become a Mogul and earn a powerful new Mogul Card!

Can you master your Executives’s idiosyncrasies and come out on top?

The Networks: Executives, a full expansion for The Networks, changes the gameplay in a few ways.

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.8/10


Available on backorder



Inside the Box:

  • 91 Cards
  • 5 Network Player Boards
  • 12 Executive Player Boards
  • 10 Wooden Cubes
  • Tokens

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