The Transcontinental (KS Preorder)


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Estimated Release Date: Jul 2021

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The Transcontinental is a medium-weight Eurogame with worker-placement and pick-up and deliver mechanisms about the development of the Canadian transcontinental railway.

Players are contractors who work to complete the railway. They send out telegrams along a linear worker-placement track — reserving those action spaces for themselves — then take turns in telegram order, loading and unloading to a shared train that travels across the country.

Players can use these resources to complete developments ranging from lumber mills and farms to cities and national parks, or they can use the resources to bid to extend the railway.

Powerful one-time-use ally cards, themed around a rich and inclusive cast of Canadian historical figures, allow players to make powerful combined actions.

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Inside the Box:

  • Two boards
  • 21 development tiles
  • 19 train and tender tiles
  • 26 wilderness tiles
  • 180 wooden cubes
  • 48 wooden buildings
  • 20 wooden telegram markers
  • 1 wooden train
  • 48 cards
  • Rulebook
  • Box
  • Plus all unlocked stretch goals