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Tokaido: Matsuri Miniatures Accessory Pack


Fans of Tokaido rejoice! An all new set of miniature travelers are headed your way in the Matsuri Miniatures Accessory Pack.

First introduced in the Deluxe Edition of Tokaido, plastic miniatures of the game’s characters help bring the experience of travelling the East sea road to life.

In this new accessory pack, 16 never before offered miniatures are included featuring all the travelers from the original Tokaido Matsuri expansion pack.

Board Game Geek Rating: 8.1/10


Out of stock

Out of stock



Inside the Box:


  • 5 Player Gift Tokens
  • 5 Player Color Snaps
  • 16 Miniatures
  • 16 Traveler Tiles
  • 1 Tokaido Die

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