Veiled Fate: KS Exclusive + Minis (KS Preorder)

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Note: This is the Veiled Fate KS Exclusive + Minis Pledge + KS Exclusive Alternate Box with all stretch goals and includes community-designed City & Age cards. More info:

Play as a divine being who has sired a demigod in the realm of humankind. The identity of your lineage is known only to you.

Use positional play to complete quests—and influence fate to ensure the outcome is in your favor. Strike the perfect balance of misdirection and mischief to capture the throne.

There are 9 Demigods. At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned one Demigod as their offspring. When the game begins, however, players may control the actions of any Demigod, not just their own.

Through strategic play, special powers, and secret voting, players must aid their Demigod in gaining Renown. But be careful! Giving away your lineage too soon may cause the other players to work together toward your Demigod’s demise.

Part social deduction, part strategy, Veiled Fate pits wit against wit. Every move is a new clue to discovering the true lineage of your opponents. Can you foil carefully laid plans, while cementing your own path to victory?

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Inside the Box:

  • Base Game of Veiled Fate
  • Miniatures
  •  Kickstarter Exclusive Age Cards
  •  Kickstarter Exclusive City Cards
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Box Option
  • Game Trayz Custom Insert