Volfyirion Guilds Bundle (Kickstarter Preorder)


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After the fall of Rorius house, the king of Mysthea, in order to contain the power of the Volarees house, created a system of 5 guilds and assigned a specific role to each of them. Now, the guilds are fighting for the top step of the political scene.

Set in the wonderful world of Mysthea, Volfyirion Guilds events take place immediately after the previous title: Volfyirion; and about sixty years before the events of Mysthea.

The game retains all the features and mechanics from its predecessor, indeed it’s a competitive and fast-paced deck-building card game for two players. At the same time, however, it adds more depth to the gameplay, thanks to 110 new cards, including new card types, abilities, and mechanics.

Game Genre: Card Game

Players: 1-2
Age: 14+
Game Length: 20-40 minutes



Inside the Box:

  • KE Volfyirion Guilds Core Box
  • 2 Monster Cards (Solo Challenges)
  • 2 KE Monster Cards (Solo Challenges)
  • Ploy Expansion
  • Omen Expansion
  • KE Wonders Pack
  • KE Mysthea Champions Pack
  • 2 Playmats
  • Universal Box
  • Card Separators
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Volfyirion Card Game (Included in “Ilvash History” pledge and “Kyradar Awakening” pledge)
  • Dragon Miniature (Included in “Kyradar Awakening” pledge)

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Tylaris Pride, Ilvash History, Kyradar Awakening