War for Chicken Island Premium (Kickstarter)


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War For Chicken Island” is a strategy war game where each player must break through the tiny space of the island and manage their limited resources to defeat each opponent and prove they are the champion of the island.

Each player will command a small army of chickens and a leader with special attributes. Besides, each player will have 5 dice that grant extra actions and 9 resources that will allow them to build machines for the battle.

Fun and easy, it’s not only the best way to introduce new players into wargames, but also challenging for hardcore players.
No player elimination. Easy to learn. Take that feeling. 20 custom dice. 42 miniatures. Innovative pilot system. A wargame you’ll enjoy PvP. 3 additional game variants.

Game Genre: War Game

Players: 1-4
Age: 10+
Game Length: 30-240


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Inside the Box:

  • War for Chicken Island Base Game
  • Miniatures pack
  • All unlocked stretch goals
  • Kickstarter Exclusive “Mecha Chicken Dragon”