White Dwarf: May 2019

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White Dwarf is Games Workshop’s premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests and more.

This issue features:

• 18 pages of modelling and painting guides
• Glory Points
• Exclusive rules for Blackstone Fortress
• New Horus Heresy short story
• Arbitrator Tools – Perpetual campaigns in Necromunda
• Warhammer Horror

Warhammer 40K
• Index Xenos: Ynnair
• Primaris Space Marines Kitbash
• 20 years in White Dwarf – the life of a lead designer
• Designer’s notes

Warhammer Age of Sigmar
• Fantastical Realms: The Realm of Shadow
• New short story – The Curse-Gold Crudge
• Battle Report: Daugths of Khaine versus Fyreslayers!


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Inside the Box:

  • 1 x White Dwarf May 2019