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WTK: Kingdom Wars


You are about to enter into a world that combines the elements of role playing, battle, strategy, deception amidst the political struggle between kingdoms. Are you creating the next big disaster? Or will you build an illustrious kingdom with your achievements? This game allows you to play as the Warlords from the historic era of the Three Kingdoms.

Experience this fun and exhilarating game over and over again. War of the Three Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars will let you relive these times in the brutal battlefield!

In the game, players emerge as forces according to the countries their selected Generals belong to, until the emergence of individual forces called “Ambitionists”.


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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 4 “Ambitionist” Cards
  • 60 Generals
  • 108 Game Cards
  • 12 Health Cards
  • 8 Marker Cards