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Zombicide: Angry Neighbours Expansion


Zombicide Angry Neighbors challenges you to face off on a whole new breed of zombies! These Seeker zombies have you and your friends in their sights and will chase your to your bitter end!

Every Seeker zombie get an additional activation every time a seeker zombie spawn card is drawn.

Angry Neighbors brings four new survivors to your apocalypse, each with their own special abilities, and their Zombivor counterpart!

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.83/10


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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 18 Seeker Zombie Miniatures.
  • 4 Survivor miniatures with ID cards.
  • 4 Zombivor miniatures.
  • 8 Companion miniatures (4 types, 2 each)
  • 3 Double sided tiles.
  • 63 Cards: 27 Equipment cards, 12 Zombie cards, 8 Companion cards, 16 Wounded cards.
  • 27 Tokens: Barricades, Companion makers, Helicopter etc.
  • Experience trackers and a Rulebook.