TBG x Game Area

The chillest place to hang out and game

Open 365 Days a Year

Game anytime you like from 1pm to 11pm daily.

Our brand new Game Area is separate from our store, which means more table and privacy space for you. 

Game Area Address: 16 Arumugam Rd, #05-01A, Singapore 409961

Full Day Flat Rate

Our rate starts off as $3 per pax per hour on weekdays.
Gaming more than 4 hours? Enjoy a full day flat rate from just $10 per pax.

Weekday rate – $3 per pax per hour block
Weekday full day rate (4 hours or more) – $10 per pax

Weekend rate – $3.50 per pax per hour block
Weekend full day rate (4 hours or more) – $12 per pax

Fully Automated System

Step 1: Book a table
Step 2: receive an OTP to enter the Game Area

• Buy a drink and scan the QR Code to make payment.
• Take a game from the library and watch a 5-10 mins YouTube video on how to play.

Everything is truly fully automated in the Game Area.

So How Do I Book?

Gather your group of friends and select a table size that fits your group.

Select an available time slot from our calendar. You may select more than 1 time slot, for example 6-7pm, 7-8pm etc..

Select the number of pax coming (including you) and confirm your time slot. You will receive an OTP to enter the Game Area once your booking is confirmed. Alternatively, drop us a Whatsapp at +65 8829 2090 to book a table.

If you are booking full day (4 or more consecutive hours), the flat rate applies ($10 for weekday / pax, $12 for weekend / pax). We will confirm this with you when we drop you the OTP via Whatsapp / SMS.

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  • Scan Paynow QR Code in store after your game session to make payment.

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How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Once your booking is received, we will send an OTP and entry instructions to you via Whatsapp (This is sent between 12-8pm daily.)

This OTP is exclusive to you and your gaming group and will be used to enter the Game Area.

If you did not receive the OTP by the next working day, reach us via Whatsapp at 8829 2090

Can I walk in and get a table?

No. An OTP is needed to enter the Game Area, hence online booking is required.

Can I bring my own food / drinks?

No outside food and drinks are allowed.

We do however, sell canned drinks and cup noodles in store.

How do I make payment?

There will be a QR code available to scan in store.
Payment accepted will be via Paylah, Paynow, Grab Pay and Google Pay.

What games are in the library?

Scroll all the way to the bottom to view the games in the library.

The most appropriate “Learn to Play” YouTube link is attached next to each game.

Anything else that I need to know?

There will be security cams in store to monitor all gaming groups.
Do be responsible and keep the area clean, so that everyone can enjoy their gaming session.

The Best, Latest and Kickstarter Games

With a vast selection of games in our library, there will definitely be a game for you.
Want to try out the latest Kickstarter release? Scroll down to view all the new additions to our library every month.

Games in the Library

Party Games

Deduction Games

2 Player Games

Family / Light Strategy Games

Dexterity Games

1v1, 1vAll, TeamvTeam Games

Co-operative Games

Strategy Games

More to be added…

Note: Videos tagged with a *** are long videos. It’s recommended that you watch these before the game session.