Aqua Garden Bundle (Kickstarter)


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Note 2: This doesn’t include the “The Arctic” game as it’s not provided to retailers.  

In Aqua Garden, you’re the owner of an aquarium and want to stock its six tanks with a variety of sea life, but you have a limited amount of funds and only one employee on hand to place the fish in the tanks. Do your best to outshine the other aquariums in town!

A game lasts 3-4 rounds depending on the number of players. You have your own aquarium board with six tanks, and a shared player board has sea creatures placed at random on its perimeter.

Seaweed and coral tokens are placed on the separate sea board, along with five random sea creatures.

Game Genre: Strategy

Players: 1-4
Age: 15+
Game Length: 40-60 minutes

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Inside the Box:

  • Aqua Garden ×1
  • Aqua Garden Outdoor Expansion ×1