Arkham Horror LCG: The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion (Preorder)


Estimated Release Date: Apr 2022

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A monstrous presence once terrorized the secluded village of Dunwich. The season of horror ended only after three professors from Miskatonic University – Dr. Henry Armitage, Dr. Francis Morgan, and Professor Warren Price – ventured to Dunwich, armed with secret knowledge that enabled them to defeat the creature. Now, several months later, Dr. Armitage’s colleagues have gone missing, and he fears the worst. . .

Return to the very first cycle of content for Arkham Horror LCG with The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion. Similar to the previously-announced Edge of the Earth expansions, all player cards for this cycle can be found within the Investigator Expansion.

Note: Any longtime fans of Arkham Horror LCG who already own everything from the original The Dunwich Legacy cycle will not find any new cards or content within this expansion.

Game Genre: Card Game

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-2
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

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  • 5 Investigator Cards
  • 5 Mini Cards
  • 204 Player Cards
  • 1 Rules Booklet