Exceed: Seventh Cross – Hunters vs Demons

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Exceed brings the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action to life. Choose your fighter and enter the arena.

There are no packs to open or rares to chase get everything you need to play right here! Bring your best to the battlefield with four new fighters from the world of Seventh Cross.

Exceed: Seventh Cross – Hunters vs Demons features 4 complete fighters: Zsolt, Minato, Renea, and Tournelouse. Everything you need to play is in the box!

  • Zsolt is a professional monster hunter with a wide variety of weapons. His versatile tools allow him to adapt to the situation and string together combination attacks that leave his rivals with no quarter.
  • Minato summons phantom disasters from another realm, using them to crush his opponents with overwhelming force. With the right setup and tactical play, he can destroy any enemy.
  • Renea investigates the disappearance of her partner while searching for clues to prove the existence of a shadowy conspiracy. She uses secrets and ruses to make unpredictable attacks.
  • Tournelouse utilizes diabolic power to grow stronger and stronger as he fights. Once he has enough to obliterate his opponent, his true form allows him to crush all resistance!


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Inside the Box:

  • 122 Standard Cards
  • 20 Foiled Cards
  • 1 Rules Sheet