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Solar Sphere is a dice placement/manipulation game with elements of engine building, resource management, and set collection. Set hundreds of years in the future in a time when competition will move mankind forward, but when collaboration is also sometimes necessary. In Solar Sphere, each player commands a mothership.

Their primary task is to build a dyson sphere. But, with crew to hire and aliens attacking the sphere, there are many other ways to earn prestige and become the saviour of mankind.

In this dice placement game, players can manipulate their dice using drones. However, players have a limited supply of drones, which are also used to upgrade dice placement spots or to support in fights against aliens. Players can always recycle used drones to get them back into their supply. Or, spend them for instant benefits.

Simultaneously roll your dice to determine turn order and gain morale.

Call in favours to gain benefits from the Corporation, such as extra drones or free resources. However, this will come at the cost of your crew’s morale, so timing is key. If you’ve increased your standing with The Corporation, you’ll get double the rewards!

Send your ships to different locations and perform unique actions.

Use drones to visit occupied locations and/or manipulate dice values. But, you’ll also want to use them to build the Sphere and fight the Resistance. Drones are limited, so use them wisely!

As you use your drones they’ll become exhausted. You can recycle drones to reuse them or gain instant benefits by repurposing them.

Balancing your available drones with the ones you use, and recycling them efficiently can be the difference between success and failure!

There are 24 different crew members to hire, each with unique art and abilities.

You can only have 3 active crew at a time. But, you can hire a 4th by retiring an active crew member, and unlocking new bonuses!

The job you were hired for! Compete for the limited space on the Sphere. Deploy your drones, increase your standing with The Corporation, earn morale, and gain victory points!

In each game, there will be a different scoring condition for the Sphere, so there’s a huge amount of replayability.

Fight those that oppose the construction of the Solar Sphere. Commit your drones to battle and maybe other players will come to help. Everyone scores points if the battle is a success!

As you hire crew, build the Sphere, and fight the Resistance, you’ll gain faction icons for end of game scoring. Keep a balance of favour between the factions to optimise your points.

Game Genre: Economic

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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