The Search for Planet X


In The Search for Planet X, players take on the role of astronomers who use observations and logical deductions to search for this hypothetical planet.

Do you have what it takes to find Planet X?

1. Survey for objects and take other actions using the companion app.

2. Use surveys and the logic rules to find objects and publish theories.

3. Record your findings and deduce where Planet X must be!

Game Genre: Strategy

Players: 1-4
Age: 13+
Game Length: 60 minutes

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Inside the Box:

  • 1 Solar System Board
  • 1 Earth Board
  • 1 Wooden Sun Disc
  • 1 Pad of Note Sheets
  • 4 Player Miniatures
  • 4 Player Screens
  • 4 Expert Mode Cards
  • 48 Theory Tokens
  • 8 Target Tokens

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