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Wake the Dead

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Wake the Dead is a great-value boxed set containing 2 armies split across the forces of the Ultramarines – the iconic Space Marines Chapter who have defended Humanity for thousands of years – and the Wild Host of Saim-Hann, hot-blooded, daredevil warriors whose skill cannot be understated.

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Inside the Box:

  • Includes the Warhammer 40,000 core rules and a narrative book
  • Contains the following miniatures: 1 Primaris Lieutenant, 5 Primaris Intercessors, 5 Primaris Reivers, 3 Primaris Interceptors, 1 Craftworlds Spiritseer, 10 Craftworlds Guardians, 5 Craftworlds Wraithguard, 1 Craftworlds Wave Serpent

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