Game News: Quadropolis, Evolution and Many More…

It’s close to the middle of the year and that is almost always a good news. Why?

In case you are unaware till now, most board games are manufactured in China and Chinese factories are known to take long Chinese New Year breaks as they travel long distances to visit their hometown and relatives. This would in turn lead to delays in both manufacturing and shipping.

Now that it’s May, most factories are back to full force. New titles and previous out-of-print games are appearing back on shelves again. It truly is a time to rejoice 🙂




1 brand new game that arrived this week is the party game for all ages, Quadropolis!

Another trivial fact: If you have been browsing through Board Game Geek over the last few weeks in search of new games like myself, you would have seen the amount of advertisements for Quadropolis.

I have played it once and boy, the hype for this game is real. This game is easy to explain, easy to play but hard to win. There are just so many strategies from blocking your opponent to get their desired tile to simply hoping that you are able to get the right tiles for your city.

You will like this if: you like Splendor. Splendor was the last game we played that was so easy to teach but had us playing over and over again with different friends because there is simply no “one best way” to winning this.




Evolution - Components


This 2014 classic is the 2nd print with all new components and updated artwork.

It’s another beloved game among Board Game Geek players, due to the fact this game sticks really close to its theme and that is.. Evolution. Players need to determine how they want to evolve their species: whether it be a Carnivore that preys on others, a defensive creature that has hard shell to protect itself or simply, long necks to get food that others cannot reach.

Cool thing about this game, it has over 4,000 ways to evolve your species and no game play is really the same as players have to adapt to the eco-system in order to survive.

Give this a try if: you are looking to get a strategy game but not sure which to pick as strategy games often have long rules that will put you off. Evolution is another simple to learn game (takes about 15 minutes).


Other Games 

  • “Guess what is my story” Dixit is back in stock, so that is cool.
  • Pixel Tactics Deluxe is a big box that allows you to store other Pixel Tactics expansions, so if you are a fan of Level 99 innovative card games, do check it out.
  • Concept, the game where players point at icons and usually have their friends giving back the puzzled look, is back in stock.
  • Like beautiful Aztec buildings? Mexica is for you.
  • Be the hero and save the world. And usually fail. Pandemic Legacy, both Red and Blue, are back in stock and selling fast. There is no more copies from my distributor, so get yours fast!

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