Drop in Prices! Hooray!!

Hey guys, if you know us by now, you know Team Board Game is not really profit-driven. We just like to prove that board games, as high quality as they are, can be purchased and enjoyed by everyone. Hence, we decided to embark on an exercise to revise as many prices as we humanly can.

As part of our motto “Best Board Games, Lowest Prices” in Singapore, we have actively scouted more shipping partners and board game suppliers. What this means is that our prices are going even lower than before. It all sounds really good right?

Except… Well, there are certain board games that always run out fast and hence, we are often forced to import from a higher-priced supplier or purchase directly from the manufacturer. Then again, the price increase isn’t much and trust me, you would definitely want to get your hands on these games once they are out.

Notable Price Drop 

  • Cyclades – $81.80
  • Cyclades Hades – $68.00
  • Arkham Horror – $72.50
  • Dominion – $57.20
  • Dominion: Adventures Expansion – $59.70
  • Doomtown Reloaded – $58.50
  • Escape from Cursed Temple – $67.00
  • Heroes of Normandie – $92.10
  • Istanbul – $65.40
  • King of New York – $62.50
  • Libertalia – $64.40
  • Nations – $108.80
  • Sherlock Holmes – $67.20
  • Star Wars Armada – $128.30
  • Witness – $57.30


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