Games that you should get now

The last time we had a game sell out crazily fast was last X’mas. That game in particular was Codenames and it was understandable. It made for a great party game and it catered to all ages.

Just when we thought we had seen everything, enter Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. There is absolutely no reason that this game would move so fast. 1st batch of 12 games ordered, 12 gone!

No big deal… Until that moment that we wanted to place another order.

1st distributor – 0 stocks
2nd distributor – 0 stocks
3rd distributor – 0 stocks

What on earth is going on? Now we are banging our heads on the wall for reason number 1, not bringing in more stock and more importantly, reason number 2, we do not have a physical copy to play now!

In other better news

We have an overwhelming response for Mysterium and I am sure many know by now that it is temporarily out of print right now.

We did secure only 3 stocks for Mysterium, coming this week from another supplier (In case you are wondering, they are only left with 3 stocks). So do get your copy fast. It’s your last chance to grab hold of a copy.

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