Team Board Game is now an official retailer for Plaid Hat Games

We have a great piece of news for all Plaid Hat Games fans. Team Board Game has officially been approved as a Plaid Hat Games retailer! You can check out our profile on their page here.

For those who are unfamiliar with Plaid Hat Games, they are the brains behind many of our favorite games in recent years, such as Dead of Winter, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, Specter Ops, Summoner Wars and Mice and Mystics.


Specter Ops Promo Cards

Promo Cards for Specter Ops


What does this all mean? First off, we get exclusive promo cards from Plaid Hat Games. Yes, we all love them. These promo cards come sporadically from Plaid Hat Games though, so do check back often as these promo cards are snatched up fast. For the month of April, get your exclusive promo cards with every purchase of Specter Ops.

Next, there will be more game demos at our place. Not sure how Summoner Wars play out? Is Specter Ops a complicated game? Find out at our game demos. These game demos will start in May and we will post the dates on both our site and our social media.

And finally, tournaments! Starting May, we will be holding tournaments for Summoner Wars and Ashes (to start later). Come join us and stand to win alternate art cards and exclusive tournament released only cards.

If all these sounds good to you, then follow us on our Facebook page and be the first to be notified of gaming events and tournaments in future.


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